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   The "real wealth lies within."  


I serve as a dynamic teacher and life coach in the art of personal growth and self actualization. You will learn more about who you are by working with me. My title varies depending on my clients needs: personal coach, teacher, inspirational speaker, lion tamer. No matter how you slice it, I am an agent of change. 


I help people develop inner peace, balance and intimacy in their lives by getting to know themselves on a deeper level. Transformation is the name of the game. Changing old limited beliefs and bad habits requires taking responsibility.   


I am guided specifically by the person or group I am working with as to what steps, tips, insights or systems would support their growth. 

Awareness is the new wealth in todays age. Being rich is about having lots of cash, realized wealth is a state of being, that requires new habits and a growing awareness.


I help people build their muscle of awareness in my own style, based on unique life experience, clear insight and education offering useful techniques, emotional support and new ways of thinking that create change. Igniting an unused technology in you is an on-going practice. Spiritual and emotional maturity is a priority.


Sassy, sensual and intuitive is how life designed me, by stripping me from my "western dream" life and having me face fears, limited beliefs and old habits. I had to take honest look at myself in order to make change. I now support others in their own change and transformation. 


My natural psychic abilities combined with my life experience, corporate media sales background, masters degree, certified techniques and new perspectives, make me a one of a kind powerhouse of support!

My personal memoir of radical transformation is captured in my first book called: "Light me up!"


I work one-on-one with clients in private consultations and in small groups. I offer my perspectives at large speaking engagements, universities, businesses and organizations all over the world. 

Embracing change is a part of life. I help people do just that by broadening their perspective, and teaching them about their own emotional intelligence.   

There's no one quite like me in the field of transformation and innovative thinking. Male entrepreneurs are my largest clientele, and I welcome all who are willing to challenge themselves to move beyond what's come before. It's time to activate your connection within.


Invest in you today, by contacting me!


Warmly, Andrea


I work with people who are ready to grow in awareness .
  With a playful heart and words of wisdom, my support, feedback, courage, insight and knowledge help those I serve to grow and evolve more connected to their soul desire and life mission.



"Andrea, you are plugged in to the source like few humans are, and you know it and express it. This is a gift that you manifest for all of us and it comes with extreme depth of connection, pleasure and pain, loss and gain. I’m so honored and grateful that I got to work with you. My life has changed in the most remarkable ways, I can’t even begin to thank you enough."

Eddie from San Diego, CA 2009

   There was an ease I found in spending time with Andrea. I was able to talk about business and life. I got a lot of things off of my mind, some of which were weighing me down.  Andrea offered strategies to overcome a situation and put an end to an ongoing obstacle.

   We also discussed new business ideas I had been mulling over. Andrea gave me insights about my ideas and it got me excited and focused about work I'm more passionate about. 

   Over a four mile hike in the Santa Monica Mountains and time in the ocean, I received a valued "experiential session" with Andrea.  She's a psychic business advisor and wise playful woman all wrapped into one. I got exercise and much needed time outdoors, while clearing my mind and gaining new clarity and focus. Andrea is masterful at what she does. Hire her!

CEO of AdMedia 8/2017

Andrea, I feel a unique appreciation and gratitude to you.  I did need a bit of space for a short while as I had to mentally refocus plans.  I appreciate that I can trust you and you offer an open heart. I do want to share it is special to see you and get your enthusiastic loving care.  You are are both spiritually and physically beautiful and it’s very comforting to get to share that energy along with the therapeutic. 

Data Analyst, E.T. 01/02/2020


I quickly wanted to mention, before I venture out to work, that not only did your long email inspire me to reexamine my life and to think of possible changes that I can make, I believe it was some of your best writing to date, so well written. I've already taken a step and contacted my brother. We had a great conversation both of us apologizing to each other. It was easier than I had imagined. He and I are both so stubborn it was likely we would gone to our graves not speaking had you not intervened with your insight and strength that gave me the push that I needed. 


J.A. 01/18/2020


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"When and wherever I see Andrea, in minutes she offers me a golden nugget through her words of wisdom to inspire me to my greatness.  She recalibrates my thinking so I remember I’m worthy and deserving of my desires and aspirations." 

Musing as a Zero Waste Thinker,


Victoria  Charles 

Jan 2019

"Thank you Andrea. Your words and advise open a new door for me that I can't wait to explore. You are a very wise woman."

Jose C

(age 25)

March 2019


"You have no idea as to how influential and important you have been in my life.  Three short months is all we have known each other.  With all  you have done for me in that short amount of time is amazing.  Seems more like years not months.  No one in my life has had such an effect on me like you have. I’m so glad I found the courage to hire you and to make change in my life."

Rick from WA State 12/2015

"You have a powerful voice Andrea...direct and clear. I am humble and grateful. I want to Thank You again for that wondrous time we spent together. What a beautiful instrument of the Light You are. 

A deep Peace has come over Me and I am sitting in Gratitude for You.


Full power Love & highest blessings for you Andrea."

See you soon,



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