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Andrea is a compassionate, wise and joyful consultant in service of her life’s mission – assisting executives, individuals, leaders and businesses to become all that they can be, by balancing their inner and outer world. Her life is inspired, motivated and steeped in positive encouragement for all. She brings a clarity and harmony that will change your life and the way you do business.

With grace and enthusiasm, Andrea challenges the world through her expansive and innovative outlook and approach to being real, honest and absolutely authentic. With an eye for detail, her keen observation in all situations translates into a new perspectives in problem-solving, self care, and personal growth – a fresh and insightful mind that will deliver and delight all who seek her services.

Having spent many years in the advertising, marketing, sales and promotions industries for major media enterprises, Andrea excels in her work with people – building rapport based on her open, probing mind and wide loving heart.


Combining corporate skills, insight and the ability to connect people she also offers sales and marketing services. As a visionary herself, Andrea won the company wide Innovation contest at Clear Channel Communications in 2006 and has 20 years of experience in sales.


Asking the deeper questions in life led to her understanding of personal growth being essential to the human evolution. Her journey took her around the world and into the lives of great teachers far and wide. One in particular encouraged her to return to school for a Masters degree so that she could share her insights and understandings with others at international conferences and with individuals worldwide. She followed that advise and graduated with honors in Complementary and Alternative Medicine in July 2014. 


Andrea offers guidance from a well traveled path of change and under-standing that has made her a sought out consultant, advisor and coach.


If you cross her path in your day to day life in a store, airplane or in your own home, one things for sure, its no accident that she has shown up in your life. She seems to do that just when you need her most!  Even if you don't realize it at the time. Her soul agreed to show up.














August 17, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

Andrea has been a tremendously positive influence on my life and I feel blessed to know her. What I love about working with Andrea is her unique ability to be fully present with me. From that space of presence and inquiry, amazing transformations are happening in my life! Working with Andrea has helped me to know myself better, to face my blindspots and fears, and has given me the courage to more fully realize who I am.

Andrea has helped support and expand my spiritual practice and is currently helping me to create a synergy between my inner knowing and my outer physical world. When I first walked into Andrea’s home I was literally floored by the beauty and pristine energy that was present. What I felt being in her space, was that it was a true reflection of who she is on the inside. It wasn’t just pretty things, it was internal richness translated into physical form. “I want that!” I thought -- and then I started working with Andrea.

All of this may sound serious, but I can assure that Andrea’s playful and joyous energy actually makes this process a lot of fun. We laugh a lot!

The more I know Andrea, the more I see that she is a living example of that which she teaches. She is tremendously dedicated to her own self-evolution. She is always looking to better herself, see herself more clearly, and be more aware. I think this is why she has been so successful in helping others -- she knows the courage it takes to “look within” and brings that sensitivity to the clients she helps.

If you are looking to transform your life, then I highly recommend working with Andrea. You will be amazed at what you find -- and you’ll have a lot fun doing it!



Krista Tucker

Writer - Walt Disney Television 

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