Create your own sanctuary.

I help people find balance between their inner and outer worlds. New habits and routines form as people become more comfortable with new understandings of themselves. With a new found harmony within, my clients often seek the same

 sense of balance within their home or work space. 

I have an artistic eye for design, beauty and style,

and an energetic sensitivty to space and objects. 

That combined with a balanced masculine and feminine flair those close to me began asking for my help in picking out furniture, curtains, paint colors, etc. to bring a touch of my Mystical Elegance into their homes too. I now offer this service to my clients who want to create a peaceful and stylish space within their home or office. 


My interior design work can include reorganizing as well as redesigning a space. Depending on the project I may only rearrange furniture, choose a new paint color and add accent pillows, drapes or rug. I also add a mystical object or picture that represents something tranquil, colorful or earthy. I have traveled the world and have International vendors with one of kind pieces when your budget beckons a WOW piece.  


I have transformed spaces from boring to warm, elegant, cozy and creative. I have brought smiles to the faces of my clients who have worked in a cluttered space or who once closed the door to a room they didn't want to face. I organize, declutter and beautify. And something new is open to unfold in your life.


Creating a new space in your home or

office feels good! It also supports and assists in maintaining the new inner connection that you've created. The reorganized or redesigned space

often becomes a favored place "to be." 

I can create magic in your home or office today!




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